About this site

This site was founded in April 2008 as a resource to be used by all the various community action groups and individuals campaigning against Government policies on shoreline management. Whilst each group maintain their individual identity, this site allows them to combine their voices to speak louder and reach a wider national audience.

Whilst individual groups usually have specific problems they are facing, ideas of how to move forward, and usually their own methods and mechanisms for campaigning, this fragmentation often works against us as we are likely facing a common supposedly well organised adversary. Whilst not intended as a replacement for individual websites, this resource is hoped to be a focus of national campaigning – demonstrating that we are not all isolated and outnumbered, putting us in touch with each other, and increasing our collective reach to those we are trying to influence.

This site allows groups to publish and manage their own stories, news and opinions if they wish, or maybe just provide a link and publicity for their own sites and campaigns – to get your community represented here please contact webmaster@nvcc.org.uk

This website is run on a purely voluntary basis from Happisburgh in North Norfolk, where the Coastal Concern Action Group has been campaigning since 1999 to address the issues on its shores. Any views represented on this site are those of the individuals or groups concerned and not necessarily those of CCAG or other individuals or groups who use this site.

For any comments or queries about this site, please contact webmaster@nvcc.org.uk

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