February 24, 2012

Chris Blunkell: “Adapting to a changing coast”

NVCC member Chris Blunkell has started a blog on coastal adaptation:

In 2007 the draft Shoreline Management Plan for where I live proposed that the area might undergo ‘managed realignment’, with homes lost to the sea uncompensated in as little as 20 years. I was active in campaigning against this proposal, which was subsequently modifed. Since then I have developed a research interest in the social justice aspects of government policy with respect to climate change and coastal planning, to which this blog is devoted.

Read Chris Blunkell’s blog

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May 24, 2011

Guardian Blog: “Flood defence funding: now you can buy your own”

It’s time to wade back into the troubled waters of flood and coastal defence funding in England, because the government unveiled a new plan on Monday. Here’s the headline from the Defra press release:

More flood and coastal defence schemes to go ahead under new funding system

Sounds good right? As regular visitors will know, I have been angered by the glaring contradiction between ministers saying that the risk of flooding is rising due to climate change, and then cutting year-on-year funding by over 25%. Over 1000 schemes that were in line for funding no longer have it.

Of the new arrangement, environment minister Richard Benyon said: “This new funding system means more flood defence schemes will benefit from government money so we can protect more people and properties.” So the new funding system means more government money, you’re thinking. You’re wrong. There is no new money to alleviate the risks of floods devastating people’s homes and businesses. (more…)

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January 24, 2011

Guardian: “Flood defence spending: Where are the gaps?”

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, that is the government’s cuts to flood and coastal defence spending. I need your help to reveal the impact the cuts will have on new defences because, as it stands, just weeks from the new financial year, no one knows.

Below, I’ll relate the farcical example of the funding for the proposed coastal defences in Felixstowe town and how the Prime Minister, David Cameron, appears to be more worried by flooding abroad than at home. But first let’s consider the byzantine and opaque way in which defence projects get the go-ahead.

Life is too short to go into the details here, but in brief the Environment Agency sends a list of “indicative allocations” to the relevant regional committees, suggesting the possible funding outcomes for proposed projects. Many of these projects have had years of preparatory work done and boast cost-benefit ratios of 5-to-1 or better. What follows the sending of the lists is lots of back and forth before the EA board decides which projects get funded. (more…)

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February 3, 2010

Norfolk Coast: “Hunstanton cliffs the new Happisburgh?”

Posted on the Norfolk Coast website:

hunstantonConsultation’s now closed as far as the Shoreline Management Plan for The Wash and that bit of the Norfolk Coast’s concerned.

There’ll doubtless be an uproar at some point, when people wake up to the sections which apply to Hunstanton’s much-loved candy cliffs.

Erosion of same won’t just threaten the Lighthouse within a generation – depending which projection or forecast you believe.

It will also spell some serious consequences for Cliff Parade, unless something’s done – as opposed to the leave it to natural forces approach outlined in the draft Shoreline Management Plan.

We wonder what people living up there think. Could this be the next Happisburgh within a generation..?

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April 8, 2009

CCAG: “The First Ten Years Are The Worst”

CCAG was created ten years ago today. It grew out of the deep frustration and fear within the community.

Frustration because Government’s attitude and approach to the management of our coast seemed to be devoid of any common sense or understanding.

Fear because the prospects for individuals and the community were extremely worrying. Everyone felt they had no voice and were being abandoned out of hand. (more…)

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February 13, 2009

CCAG: “For Risk Management read Mismanagement”

It has been extremely interesting watching the televised ‘grilling’ of Bankers by the Treasury Select Committee over recent days.

What occurs to me is the stark parallels which can be drawn from the way the Banks were (mis)managed and the way we (mis)manage the coast.

It seems to me the demise of the Banks (which has led to financial chaos) is due largely to suspect ‘Risk Management’ techniques and the marked absence of good old fashioned sound banking principles and practice. The result is financial chaos on an unprecedented scale.

Read the full article by Malcolm Kerby on the Coastal Concern Action Group website

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January 15, 2009

CCAG: “Natural England and Peter Boggis”

I note with interest the press release from Natural England (NE) covering their decision to appeal the recent High Court judgement re Peter Boggis and the Easton Bavents cliffs.

Sean Thomas (Regional Director NE) says the judgement “threatens to stifle the ways in which advice and expert opinion can be used to inform planning and development decisions”

That, I would respectfully contend, is absolute rubbish. What it may do is force NE to take a more open, honest democratic approach which must surely be in the public interest.

Read the full article by Malcolm Kerby on the Cosatal Concern Action Group website.

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January 7, 2009

CCAG: “How to waste taxpayers money with style and panache”

Surely we (the taxpayers) have a right to expect a constructive lead from our Government on issues as important to the well being of our island nation as coast management? What we are getting is a whole series of ‘measures’, ‘plans’, ‘strategies’ and ‘policies’ emanating from the centre which are unworkable, unacceptable and seem to increasingly prove how little comprehension exists within central Government and its Quangos of how the coast and its communities function, or what is needed to maintain their functionality through global warming, climate change and sea level rise.

Read the full article by Malcolm Kerby on the Coastal Concern Action Group website.

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December 8, 2008

CCAG: “Taxpayers … value for money?”

CCAGThere surely can be few other areas of Government which provide poorer value for money than DEFRA’s Flood and Coast Protection (F&CP) department.

F&CP now has it’s own “Bermuda Triangle” the three sides of which are DEFRA, Environment Agency (EA) and Natural England (NE).

Dubbed Bermuda Triangle because if one lives on the coast and happens to be caught between those three (one department and two quangos) it is quite likely that one will disappear into the administrative, process led and target orientated black hole which they seem to create.

The only thing which seems to disappear faster than any individual caught in it is taxpayers money.

Read the rest of Malcom Kerby’s comments on the Coastal Concern Action Group website

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October 13, 2008

Sacrifical Coast

In a blog posting, Anna Johansson discusses an interest in land and people’s relationship to the land, and in particular what’s happening on Norfolk’s eroding coastline:

I really like this: ‘oceans define borders but defy politics’ This makes me think about Britain’s eroding coastline. Certain parts of the coast especially in Norfolk is eroding faster than ever before. There are communities such as Happisburgh, Walcott, Mundesley that in the not so distant future might be completely swallowed up by the sea and wiped of the map. (more…)

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