February 27, 2012

NW Evening Mail: “Feelings are mixed after Walney coast summit”

A SUMMIT to discuss coastal erosion on Walney revealed there is funding to help solve the problem – but residents left the meeting with contrasting emotions.

Representatives from the Environment Agency told Friday’s 90-minute meeting in Barrow Town Hall the government had set aside £680,000 to tackle the problem.

But matched funding of £200,000 must be found in order for that money to be made available by Defra. (more…)

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February 8, 2012

NW Evening Mail: “Appeal to shore up crumbling Walney coastline”

FOR years, the battle has raged to protect homes at Earnse Bay from the encroaching tides. But further along the shores of Walney live the forgotten victims of coastal erosion. EMMA PRESTON reports

THE Mulgrew family has owned Walney’s South End farm since 1953.

For more than half a century, the successful cattle and sheep farm has been passed down from generation to generation.

But every year, brothers Simon and Michael Mulgrew, who run the farm, watch their inheritance being slowly whittled away – by coastal erosion – a simple natural process which they cannot protect themselves against. (more…)

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January 24, 2012

North West Evening Mail: “Minister ‘snubs’ Walney activists”

WALNEY residents whose homes are at risk of being washed into the sea have been snubbed by a government minister.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has now pledged to sit down with residents and town hall officials to consider the options after Richard Benyon refused his request to meet a local delegation to discuss the issue.

Mr Woodcock said: “The problem of coastal erosion at Earnse Bay is of pressing concern. (more…)

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November 25, 2011

NW Evening Mail: “MP in fight to save homes from the sea”

AN MP is demanding government ministers step into the battle to stop homes being washed into the sea.

Residents of West Shore Park on Walney have been increasingly concerned over recent years that coastal erosion at Earnse Bay will lead to their homes being flooded.

But now Barrow MP John Woodcock hopes to lead a delegation to meet the environment minister in Whitehall in a bid to resolve the issue once and for all. (more…)

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September 28, 2010

100-year-old plan to defend South Lakeland coastline

A SHORELINE management plan to protect coastal communities against rising tides for the next 100 years has been adopted by South Lakeland District Council.

The plan is in response to the predicted rise in sea levels because of global warming with local authorities around the country preparing to defend threatened coastlines.

Proposed policies for each section of South Lakeland are set out in the plan and in most cases the council feels that no intervention is needed in the short term and agrees that a “hold the line” approach be adopted. (more…)

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July 30, 2010

NW Evening Mail: “Coastal defences may be left to break”

COASTAL defences around Millom may only be actively maintained for the next 20 years, according to a new report.

The proposals, identified in Shoreline Management Plan 2, show minimal intervention would be taken after 20 years at Millom Marshes, while coast between Haverigg and Eskmeals could see no active intervention at all.

The consultation document outlines potential policies for the future of the coastline in the North West and North Wales and identifies a handful of area in South Copeland as receiving protection. (more…)

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March 9, 2010

NW Evening Mail: “Losing Furness landmarks would be a ‘disaster’”

HISTORIC landmarks could disappear off the map in years to come due to coastal erosion.

The 39 “at risk” sites outlined in the English Heritage North West Coast Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey include a pre-historic site at Eskmeals and the Ravenglass Roman fort. St John’s Church at Waberthwaite, the motte and bailey remains of the medieval Aldingham castle and quarries at Baycliff and Greenodd are also said to be at risk in the long-term.

The remains of Aldingham castle, believed to date back to the 12th Century, sit on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Robert Wheatley, of Baycliff and chairman of Aldingham’s St Cuthbert’s Church restoration committee, is well aware of the coastal erosion at that point. He said: “All along the coastline where the motted castle was, the erosion is quite bad and along by the church and just after it is terrible. (more…)

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NW Evening Mail: “Walney erosion claims dismissed as ‘rubbish’”

WALNEY stalwarts have dismissed claims the island has lost 100 metres of its coastline in 30 years as “rubbish”.

John Murphy has dedicated his life to studying local nature and history.

While he does not deny that parts of Walney, Piel Island and other areas along the shoreline are suffering from erosion, he refuses to believe Walney has lost 100 metres of its coastline in the last 30 years. (more…)

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February 17, 2010

NW Evening Mail: “Community vows to fight for long-term Bootle sea defences”

A COASTAL community has vowed to continue its fight to have long-term sea defences installed on its shore after the Environment Agency refused to fund the project.

Bootle beach is currently categorised under the government’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) as “no active intervention”.

That would mean the beach and nearby Eskmeals gun range road would be allowed to wash away.

An emergency meeting was held with villagers, Copeland Borough Council, Cumbria County Council and the Environment Agency in a bid to get the government to change the policy and defend the beach. (more…)

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February 2, 2010

The Westmorland Gazette: “Row erupts over Ulverston coastal management plan”

ULVERSTON has been left out in the cold by planners who are trying to find ways of protecting the coastline in the north-west of England, according to its mayor.

Norman Bishop-Rowe was left fuming at the fact that the town was not included in a round of consultation meetings about the proposed Shoreline Management Plan, which he claims will have a major effect on Ulverston.

The plan has been put together by the North West and North Wales Coastal Group, a partnership made up of local authorities including South Lakeland District Council, Environment Agency and Natural England, and looks at how the coastline should be managed over the next 100 years. (more…)

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