January 17, 2012

BBC Newsround: “Christmas trees being used to help stop coastal erosion”

Christmas may be over and done with but what about all the left over Christmas trees?

With 8 million Christmas trees sold in the UK every year that can be quite a waste if they’re not put to good use.

Instead of throwing your tree on the rubbish heap why not use it to help the environment?

Well, Hayley decided to do just that and took hers to Formby in Merseyside to see how it can be used to prevent coastal erosion.

Story on BBC Newsround

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September 20, 2011

Southport Visiter: “Conservation work starts to improve Hightown sea defences”

CONSERVATION work is due to begin on a major scheme to improve coastal sea defences around Hightown.

The project involves moving thousands of tonnes of sand from Crosby and Waterloo to restore dunes alongside the River Alt.

It is hoped the Hightown Dune Restoration Project will protect hundreds of homes in Hightown – and the historic Blundellsands Sailing Club – for generations to come. (more…)

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December 15, 2010

Letters to Formby Times: “Our work for our shoreline”

A GREAT deal of work has been done to try to ensure the efficient management of the local shoreline by a number of organisations representing a whole variety of interests.

The North West England and North Wales Shoreline Management Plan 2 final report has recently been published and which covers the whole of the Sefton coastline.

Formby Parish Council took part in the public consultation phase and submitted a response to the draft recommendations. (more…)

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February 8, 2010

North West Evening Mail: “Bootle coastal erosion protection plan blocked by red tape”

eskmealsA PLAN to stop a road collapsing into the sea is being held back by red tape, it is claimed.

The road leading to Eskmeals Gun Range, near Bootle, is seven feet away from the highest water level during a storm.

Fears are mounting that one or two extreme waves will result in the road falling into the sea.

Gun range managers QinetiQ plans to install concrete blocks on the beach to protect the road, but needs permission from “a number of parties” before the work can be carried out. (more…)

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December 7, 2009

Wirral Globe: “Action plan to help manage Wirral’s coastal erosion”

AN action plan is to be drawn up to determine the best way to manage the changing coast between Heswall and Eastham, now and for future generations.

And your help is needed to make sure that the plans are realistic, suitable and achievable.

Wirral Council is working with the North West England and North Wales Coastal Group, the Environment Agency and other organisations to produce the plan. (more…)

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December 2, 2009

Formby Times: “Cash aid to help turn back Formby’s sands of time”

formbySEFTON’S changing coastline is to benefit from a £337,000 government boost.

The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has pledged the money to help Sefton Council adapt to coastal erosion and dune movements at Formby.

The site was last year highlighted by a National Trust report which named it among the top 10 UK beaches which could be irrevocably changed by increasingly stormy weather.

With one of the largest dune systems in Britain, Sefton Council proposed building a new board walk system at the site to continue access to the sands. (more…)

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September 28, 2009

Southport Visiter: “Environment Agency coast plan needs your input”

IF there’s one thing that’s constant about the sea, it’s that it’s always changing, say our coastal experts.

Waves and tides move sand and sediment around the coast and up and down the estuary, changing the way that the shoreline looks, works and protects our homes and towns.

Climate change will bring higher sea levels, stormier seas and more rain – all of which will increase the pressure on the Merseyside area.

But it’s what we do about it that’s important.

The Environment Agency is working with the North West England and North Wales Coastal Group, Local Authorities and other organisations to identify where risk from erosion and flooding is greatest and set out effective solutions.

To do this they will produce a Shoreline Management Plan which will consider the effects of different actions on peoples homes and lives, business and tourism and the environment, and give suggestions on the best action to take in each area. (more…)

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