Coastal Concern Action Group, Happisburgh

In 1959, in the aftermath of the 1953 East Coast floods, timber defences were constructed along a 3km stretch on the beach below Happisburgh in North Norfolk, between hard defences either side protecting low lying areas behind. These revetments started failing in the ’80′s, and various schemes were proposed by North Norfolk District Council throughout the 90′s, but for a variety of reasons failed to reach fruition. The same two objectors were prominent throughout this period; a local resident and ‘Lord of the Manor’, and an Academic who felt that taxpayers money could be better spent elsewhere.

The Coastal Concern Action Group was formed in 1999 following a packed public meeting in the village church to discuss the situation – local residents determined to campaign to save their homes, communities and livelihoods.

In the subsequent years the politics and issues surrounding the situation at Happisburgh may have changed, but there are still no plans to invest in long term defences for Happisburgh, but the campaigning has gone from strength to strength, and CCAG is now internationally regarded as one of the foremost community groups in this field.

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