Defend our Coast Association

The ‘Defend Our Coast Association’ ( or DOC for short) has been set up by local people as a direct result of their dissatisfaction from the lack of local involvement and consultation by various Government bodies during the preparation of Shoreline Management Plans for our area on Romney Marsh. This had identified the need for a non-political association of local people to campaign on behalf of local people with the simple aim to defend the Marsh, its inhabitants and environment and to achieve improved and adequate sea defences and drainage for our area. The published Shoreline Management Plan (Folkestone to Cliff End) contained various recommendations which caused great concerns to areas all along our stretch of coast and particularly its recommendations of ‘Managed Retreat” in some areas has put the Marsh at an increased risk of flooding and blighted properties on these specific frontages.

The need to make Government Agencies aware of local concerns, the knock-on effect such scheme proposals would have for the wider community and the lack of including local expertise and knowledge during the design stage of any coastal defence proposals nationwide and particularly here on the Marsh has been the catalyst to establish DOC. By working in close relationship with other affected communities and with the support of local Councils, District Councils and County Councils and our MPs, we are able to put pressure on Government for our voice to be heard and taken into account before finalising plans. DOC’s aims are simple: We campaign to put pressure on the Government to protect the Marsh, speak on behalf of local people and keep local people informed about any progress made with the various Government Departments to ultimately achieve adequate coastal defences for the Marsh, thus preserving it for future generations to come. And by sharing our experiences with other coastal communities we hopefully can give back some of the help and valued advice we have received over the last few years for which we were and still are extremely grateful. (A big thank-you in particular to CCAG)

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