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November 21, 2009

NW Evening Mail: “Progress being made to protect coastal homes”

Earnse Bay

Residents of Walney’s West Shore Park fear coastal erosion at Earnse Bay will eventually lead to their chalets being flooded.

Two years ago, temporary flood defences were put in place to protect the park.

Now government organisation Natural England has met with members of Barrow Borough Council and the owners of the park, Embra, to discuss how to build long term protection for the Earnse Bay residents.

Chris Lumb, marine delivery leader for Natural England said: “It was a very helpful and constructive meeting. (more…)

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November 17, 2009

BBC: “Court to rule on DIY sea defence”

A Suffolk man has lodged an appeal against a court ruling that he needs planning permission for sea defences to protect his home.

Peter Boggis, 78, installed his own defences near his Easton Bavents home, but Natural England wanted the fossil-bearing cliffs to erode naturally.

In October, the Court of Appeal said Mr Boggis must apply for planning permission for the protection.

Now he has asked the Supreme Court if he can appeal against the ruling. (more…)

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Dungeness dropped from list of new nuclear reactors – DOC response

As reported in Construction News and numerous other sources:

Dungeness in Kent has been dropped from a Government list of potential locations for new nuclear power stations.

The location, which was one of eleven sites nominated by industry in March, was not listed in the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s draft National Policy Statements consultation, which opened today (9th November).

Concerns about how to mitigate potential environmental impacts at the site, coastal erosion and associated flood risk were among the reasons. (more…)

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November 13, 2009

Coastal planning – plus ça change!

TCPARob Young (coastal planner at North Norfolk District Council) looks for a new approach to coastal planning in the New Planning Policy on Development and Coastal Change consultation paper – article published in the Town & Country Planning Association Journal, October 2009

The coast is dynamic. That is, it changes – with the tides, with the seasons and with the climate; and so too should our approach to it, or so claims the recent Consultation on Coastal Change Policy, issued by Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). This article explores some of the issues facing planners in coastal areas and examines the response to them in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG’s) Consultation Paper on a New Planning Policy on Development and Coastal Change.

The construction of coast erosion and flood defences over the years has created the impression that resisting the action of the sea in particular locations will somehow achieve a static state within which we can act with certainty about the future. In the face of sea level rise, however, it has become all too apparent that this is a false assumption, and ‘coastal change’ has for the last two decades become an increasingly common phrase.

Many of our coastal resort towns grew in the 19th and 20th centuries behind flood and coastal defences (and the promenades that went with them) first engineered by wealthy Victorians. This was obviously not the first time the natural line of our coast had been manipulated; however, it was the Victorians who created, on a large scale at least, the process which is perhaps the root of many of the coastal challenges we face today: the cycle of defend-develop-defend. But protected settlements are only secure from erosion if the defences can be maintained, which with rising sea level becomes technically more challenging and increasingly more expensive to achieve.

Read the full article

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November 9, 2009

Great Yarmouth Mercury: “Compensation hope for home owners”

Home owners who face losing their East Anglian properties to coastal erosion were offered the hope of receiving proper compensation last night.

The chairman of the Environment Agency has suggested that the government sets up a buy and lease scheme along the region’s coast.

Lord Smith said that authorities such as North Norfolk District Council should be given funding to purchase and then lease back up to 250 homes that are likely to fall into the sea in the next 20 years. (more…)

November 8, 2009

BBC: “Bid to buy homes at risk from sea”

Lord Smith says local councils should buy up homes threatened by the seaThe chairman of the Environment Agency Lord Smith has unveiled a radical plan to help hundreds of homeowners threatened by coastal erosion.

The coastlines of Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire have been particularly vulnerable to the sea with many losing their homes without compensation.

Lord Smith has told BBC Look East local councils should buy up homes threatened by the sea and then lease them back. (more…)

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North Devon Gazette: “MP told of concerns for Northam Burrows”

GEOFFREY Cox, MP for Torridge & West Devon, attended a meeting with the Northam Burrows 1716 Committee and local Councillor Andrew Eastman, to discuss the erosion of the sea defences at Westward Ho! and Northam Burrows.

The 1716 Committee, which is predominately made up of graziers and commoners, expressed substantial anxiety that the work to recharge the pebble ridge to protect the Burrows from erosion had not gone forward.

Geoffrey Cox said:: “Those at the meeting gave me a lively account of their concerns for the Burrows and it was very useful to learn of the perspective of the 1716 Committee. The Burrows are a precious resource for our local community and it is essential that all parties work together to preserve and improve them. I will do all that I can to promote their welfare.” (more…)

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November 7, 2009

The Times: “Lord Smith: vulnerable cliff homes should be bought by Government”

Hundreds of homes on cliffs around Britain should be bought by the Government because climate change is accelerating the pace of coastal erosion, according to the head of the Environment Agency.

In an interview with The Times, Lord Smith of Finsbury said that some parts of the coastline were now impossible to defend and it was unfair that people should lose their homes through no fault of their own.

Local authorities should be given the funding to buy vulnerable houses at a rate based on their original value rather than the market value, he said. They would then lease them back to the owners until the property became uninhabitable. (more…)

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November 6, 2009

Politics.co.uk: “MP to meet with Shoreline Management Plan bodies”

Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, is to meet with members of the Humber Estuary Coastal Authorities Group and Environment Agency (Friday Nov 13) following the publication of the draft of the second Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2).

The plan, which covers the coast from Flamborough in the North to Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire, in the South, sets out how and where the coast will be defended for the next 100 years.

Graham said: “This is a draft plan and it is vital as many people as possible use the consultation period to make their feelings known. (more…)

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November 4, 2009

Denbeighshire Visitor: “People may have to leave coastal Denbighshire because of floods”

PEOPLE living in coastal communities must wake up to the threat of future flooding and think about moving to safer areas away from the sea.

That’s the message to residents along the North Wales seafront after a damning report said building flood walls was too expensive, and wouldn’t keep away rising tides long term.

An investigation by the Wales Audit Office found the Assembly Government was making “slow progress” to cope with the risks from the sea, due to a lack of capacity and leadership. (more…)

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