March 30, 2010

DEFRA – Consultation on Coastal Change

Adapting to Coastal Change: Developing a Policy FrameworkFurther to last summer’s Coastal Change Policy consultation that ran from 15th June to 25th September, DEFRA have today published a report summarising the 107 consultation responses received.  They have also today published Adapting to Coastal Change: Developing a Policy Framework which takes forward some of the ideas on supporting community adaptation to coastal change that they consulted on last summer.  Both documents are available online via

Adapting to Coastal Change represents a staging post in the evolution of a policy framework on adapting to coastal change.  CLG’s new Planning Policy Statement 25 Supplement: Development and Coastal Change that was published on 9th March, and the work of the 15 coastal change pathfinders that were announced on 1st December last year, are both key parts of this evolving picture.  Lessons learned by the pathfinders will help inform future developments of this framework in the form of further guidance and/or policy.  Further details about the pathfinders are available on the DEFRA website via

October 25, 2009

Environment Agency response to Defra Consultation on Coastal Change Policy

The Environment Agency has posted its response to Defra’s Consultation on Coastal Change Policy on it’s website:

We welcome the Coastal Change consultation and believe that for decisions to be made about a sustainable future for the coast there must be meaningful practical support for those affected by coastal change.

  • support the proposals for a coastal erosion assistance package for individuals and the use of the coastal change fund for community adaptation pathfinders
  • see this as a positive initiative which needs to give local authorities sufficient flexibility to apply within their communities
  • would like a clear policy and financial framework beyond 2011 that includes better levels of support to individuals at the ‘front line’ of coastal change
  • welcome the Community Adaptation Planning and Engagement guidance, and have already adopted its principles in joint Environment Agency / local authority engagement work on Shoreline Management Plans and erosion maps.

Read the full response on the Environment Agency website

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Manhood Peninsula Steering Group response to Defra Consultation

The Manhood Peninsula Steering Group has responded to Defra’s Consultation on Coastal Change Policy:

Coastal change is an issue which crosses into many different areas of government policy: planning, housing, transport, welfare, employment, economic development, nature conservation etc.

MPSG believes that an ICZM approach to coastal zones will be necessary to deliver any coherent package of measures and policies which allow our coastline to remain a vibrant place to live, work or visit. This requires locally-accountable governance bodies to shape local policy and develop ongoing management plans specifically for the coastal zone, cutting across existing administrative boundaries and responsibilities. (more…)

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